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506 Cupertino Way, San Mateo, CA, 94403, License# 676-044
Why Us?

Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Whether it is a starter home or the custom house you have always dreamed of, we will work with you to take the stress off your shoulders and deliver quality results on budget. We can also refer you to an architect if needed and help you through the permitting process.

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" I am writing to provide your future clients a former consumer's perspective of your team's abilities and performance.

I have been fortunate to have R.L. Cooper Construction build two homes for me. The first, a 5000 square foot home at 100 Phillip Road in Woodside, was completed in 2001. The second was 2900 square foot home at 15 Tynan Way in Portola Valley, completed in 2004. Both homes are craftsmen style designed by Carter Warr architects located in Portola Valley.

The two projects were very different, but both started with empty lots that had to prepared for construction. They both had sophisticated foundations due to the strict code for this region of the country. They were both wood frame custom homes, but the larger Woodside home was built on a flat lot, whereas the home in Portola Valley was built on a steep incline and had a variety of issues with drainage. Regardless, your team worked very efficiently to complete both projects on time and on budget.

I was so impressed with yourself and your colleagues that we continue to socialize, long after the completion of the projects. Future clients should be aware that not only are R.L. Cooper Construction talented, responsible, and creative, but also you work with collection of talented and efficient subcontractors. Neither home has had a single structural problem. Nor have any cosmetic issues arisen. Both homes had beautiful woodworking, bookcases, and shelving. I cannot exaggerate how impressed my family has been with your workmanship.

Please refer future clients to me to allow me to answer any of their concerns. I look forward to hearing from them."

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